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The HSUWA is the union that represents more than 20,000 allied health and health science professionals, technicians and assistants, clerical and administrative staff, supervisors and managers.We work hard to support our members at work and we campaign for better health policies and outcomes for all West Australians.

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Dan Hill, Secretary

Member News

Calling all women Members – Applications open for the Anna Stewart Memorial Project

The union movement has a long history of campaigning for equal rights and benefits for women at work, including equal wage cases, discrimination law reform and paid parental leave. Sadly there is still a long way to go – the gender pay gap is still ... read more

Federal Budget changes to Gold Super State Scheme

A recent article published in The West Australian's Business section has outlined a number of significant changes to State superannuation. These changes were announced as a part of the 2016 Federal Budget.For your information the ... read more

The kids are not alright

The much-delayed Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) looks like it’s being delayed again and if you believe the Health Minister; it is all the private contractor’s fault. It seems not all external contracting saves money, as Treasurer Mike ... read more

Media Releases

State budget reveals cuts to health staff numbers set to continue

The union representing health professionals said the state budget had once again failed to deliver for the health system, with the Government’s program to slash thousands of jobs set to continue over the next 4 years.The HSUWA said the ... read more

Health Services Union condemns new wages policy as an act of industrial betrayal

The Health Services Union of Western Australia (HSUWA) has condemned todays announcement by the Treasurer that Public sector annual pay rises in Western Australia will be capped at 1.5 percent, and have labeled it as an act of industrial betrayal.Some ... read more

Health Services Union calls for greater scrutiny of new Health Services Bill

The HSUWA welcomed the introduction of the new Health Services Bill 2016 into the State Parliament yesterday, but was concerned that there had not been the opportunity for any consultation on its content.The new Bill will replace the Hospitals and ... read more

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