HSUWA Elections

About the Union

The HSU has a democratic and progressive structure. Membership involvement and consultation is encouraged at every possible level and on every major issue.

The HSU in WA is really two Unions, a WA Union and a WA Branch of a National Union.

The Health Services Union of WA is registered and operates under Rules approved by the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission and the WA Industrial Relations Act.

The Health Services Union is also the WA Branch of the nationally registered Health Services Union which operates under Rules approved by Fair Work Australia under the Registered Organisations Act. Each Branch of the HSU is responsible for the management of its own internal affairs.

The Rules of the Union are essentially our Constitution and set out the rights and obligations of the executive and members and the way the union conducts its affairs. Copies of the Rules can be found here

The HSUWA uses the Number One Objective of the Union (see Clause 4 of the Rules) as our Mission Statement : To protect and further the interests of its members by any lawful means.

In practice the State registered HSUWA controls the funds , resources and staff of the Union. Decisions are made here in WA.

HSUWA Committee of Management

Like any members run association the HSUWA has a “board of directors” called the Committee of Management (COM).

The COM is comprised of an elected President, Vice President, Treasurer and 9 Ordinary Members plus a Secretary appointed by the COM.

All Financial Members may nominate for positions on the Committee of Management. Members are entitled to vote in elections held by the WA Electoral Commission. Voting is done by postal ballot forwarded by the Electoral Commission to members private addresses.

Committee of Management members are elected to 3 year terms, elections for one third of the Committee are held each year.

Paid employees of the HSUWA are not entitled to stand for the Committee of Management.

The Committee of Management acts on advice from the membership, any agreed sub-committees, full time paid officials and employees and other sources as necessary to direct the affairs of the HSUWA.


Drazen Nikolic, Senior Project Coordinator, Data and Digital Technology, RPH, has been elected to the position of Committee Member (term expiring in December 2020) and in accordance with the HSUWA Rules Lisa Jones, Pharmacy Stores Officer, RPH, has been appointed as Committee Member (term expiring in December 2019)


Nominations are called from eligible members for the election of:

• Committee Member - Casual vacancy (1) Term to expire 31 December 2020

• Committee Member - Casual vacancy (1) Term to expire 1 December 2019

Nominations will be accepted from Wednesday 5 December 2018 and close on Wednesday 12 December 2018. All financial members of the Union are eligible to nominate. Nomination forms are available from the Returning Officer or the HSUWA Office. If you would like to discuss the role and function of the positions please contact HSUWA Secretary Dan Hill at the union office or dhill@hsuwa.com.au 

The Election Notice is here


Positions subject to election this year for a three year term expiring in 2021 are Vice President and 3 Committee Members. A casual vacancy of Committee Member term expiring in 2020 is also subject to election. Nominations opened on 18 October and closed at 12:00 noon on Wednesday 31 October 2018.

The Returning Officer issued the Certificates of Results on 2 November 2018 (see here) declaring the following elected:

Vice President - Brendan McKernan

Committee Member x 3 - Suvi Bird, Sarah Silver and Cassie Reading

Committee Member (Casual Vacancy) - John Shehade


HSU WA Branch Committee of Management (BCOM)

The BCOM is comprised of the Branch Secretary, Branch Assistant Secretary, Branch President, Branch Senior Vice President, Branch Junior Vice President, Branch Trustee x 2 and 7 ordinary members. All positions are subject to election every four years. Elections are conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission.

E2018/238 Casual Vacancy Election

A copy of the Election Notice published by the Returning Officer on 6th February 2019 is available here

E2018/211 Casual Vacancy Election 

A copy of the Election Notice published by the Returning Officer is available here

A copy of the Declaration of Results is available here

As required by Regulation 141(4) of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Regulations 2009 a copy of the AEC's Post Election Report is available on request from the Branch or the AEC.

2018 HSU WA Branch Election - concluded

Declaration of Results click here

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